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So Why Are YOU An Atheist?

Posted in atheism on June 12, 2009 by 556caliberatheist

Dubious... At best

Dubious... At best

Why is it that whenever anyone asks me about my religion it seems that I always must explain myself?

“Oh, you’re an atheist? Why is that?” They ask.
“It’s just the conclusion I have come to regarding the nature of our universe” Is usually the first thing I say.
“How… Why… When…” You get the picture.

I seldom see this sentiment directed towards other religions but usually my lack of religion.

Why is this? Why is it that the secular need to explain themselves? What if I asked people why they are Catholic? That would widely be considered rude. So why this double standard?

Again, religion has granted itself a “no fly zone” around it. It has somehow been deemed that it is impolite to inquire about a person’s belief system but somehow a lack of belief system is fully within the public sphere to question.

I believe it is because some religious belief is embarrassing. Sure it is. It’s like telling someone you believe in Santa or that you still believe in monsters under your bed. When someone says “I believe the Bible to be the Word of God” then they are telling me, among MANY other things that they believe and 500-odd year old man built a boat and put 2 (or 7!) of EVERY animal aboard that boat and then took care of them… nonsense! I would be quite ashamed myself if I believed in the literal truth of that statement.

So to say that it’s rude or improper or impolite to point out the sheer implausibility in most Bible stories is a wonderful dodge. The fact that it has reached such a deep seeded level of social understanding baffles me. How/when did this all happen and were the Atheists all out to lunch when it did?

I do not take any such offense when someone asks me about my Atheism. Maybe because religion’s “no fly zone” does not seem to apply to Atheism to the degree that it does to Theism. Maybe if it did then I would automatically take any inquiry on my faith… rather… lack of faith… as a personal attack.

I am not in the least embarrassed by my Atheism. Maybe if I was running for public office I might be but currently I am not embarrassed by it at all. Given sufficient time I can explain how I came to this conclusion many times before. Sure, I will admit, I have had my “lack of faith” shaken a few times in the past but each time I have still drawn the null hypothesis on the “God?” question.

I have no reason to take it as a personal attack. I actually believe that most people in fact ARE Atheists and they happen to be curious about someone that actually “comes out” to say that they are an Atheist.

My Dog Tags state “Atheist” and I am proud of it. Well… 2 sets do, another says “Jedi”.

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