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So are you an Evolutionist?

Posted in skepticism on July 11, 2009 by 556caliberatheist

So… are you?

Seriously hot

Off topic but gorgeous

I was once ask if I was an “evolutionist” during a live fire back at Hood. I was caught off guard and it may have taken me a minute to respond. I didn’t know there was any such thing to be honest. I merely stated “yes” but I wish I had thought up this:

“Well I am. I also happen to be a Gavityist, a Heliocentrist, Skyisblueist, Flo-that-chick-from-the-Progressive-insurance-ads-is-really-hotist.”

Since when has the massive scientific consensus been a partisan issue?

Oh yeah, if you want seriously hot check out Emily Rosa. Smart is VERY sexy.

I stick with science because it’s the best tool we have and the best available science… survey says… Evolution has occurred, if occurring and will continue to occur as long as there is life.

I root for the underdog but in this case I gotta go with the best horse. And in this case, as all others, it is science. And until something better comes along I’m sticking with it.

Who would have thought that reality would be so hard for some to swallow?

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