IED’s – Improvised Evangelical Devices

Improvised Evangelical Device

Improvised Evangelical Device

Bold new threat to the Solder’s, Sailors, Airmen and Marines deployed in support of OIF/OEF: IED’s. Improvised Evangelical Devices.

Yes, these are against regs. No, nothing was done about this or the several other identical flyers posted around our FOB.

Are we now trying to piss off the Islamic nutters?

SPC Brickey, Paul 68W Combat Medic


2 Responses to “IED’s – Improvised Evangelical Devices”

  1. Stuff like this drives me nuts! Fortunately I have an understanding and open minded squadron commander who squashes this stuff every time it comes up.

  2. If only one more party could play it just a bit more secularly…

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